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Jon-Paul Doran, Eco Equity CEO & Founder

Eco Equity was founded by two successful investment professionals who share a passion for developing the medicinal cannabis industry.

Their expertise include raising capital, structuring institutional investment deals for their projects and building successful companies based on robust financial models and business plans.

One of the key elements of any plan is to build an experienced team with some key advisors and partnerships. An award-winning cannabis cultivator was hired to help guide the Product Strategy. There is experience within the company of listing companies through IPOs so that our investors have a clear exit strategy for their money. The company also appointed a highly skilled legal firm to advise specifically on matters related to a cannabis industry that is evolving each day.

By leveraging the stakeholders’ skills and capabilities we are able to advise, advocate and execute on our robust business models in this competitive marketplace. Learn more about our partners here.


Our mission is to produce high quality, GMP certified, medicinal cannabis from Zimbabwe (a low cost region) with agreements already in place to export to global destinations
(Europe and Australia).

Our Story

Jon-Paul Doran, our Founder and CEO, launched Eco Equity almost 2 years ago when he saw the potential to combine developing a world class medicinal cannabis business with the opportunity to make a positive social impact. Jon-Paul was born in Zimbabwe and his strong ties to the country, along with the easy export into the EU made it the perfect location to operate from. Due to the nature of Jon-Paul’s background, this project is very close to his heart and as a company we have made it an integral part of our business model to provide jobs and support the local community.

Our goal is simple: to deliver on our business model, repay our investors faith with strong returns from each crop, and ultimately a successful IPO.

What We Do

Our HQ, where our company’s management team and core functions work hard to execute our mission, is based in the heart of London’s finance district, Liverpool Street.

Our Zimbabwe venture was the first to be launched and after a successful first round raise and noticeable milestones being met on the ground, other governments approached the senior management team to discuss opportunities in new regions.

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Eco Equity

Acquired licenses to supply the global demand of an effective form of medicinal cannabis to the pharmaceutical industry.

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