Zimbabwe Project Overview

The Opportunity

Our mission is to grow one of the best medical cannabis products and provide high-quality infused products to all qualified dispensaries and retail stores in Europe. In 2019, Eco Equity Limited acquired a license for the cultivation of cannabis, manufacture of products, supply, store, import and export for medicinal purposes and or scientific use

We have acquired a license for the production for export only, distribution of Cannabis products to international regulated markets where permitted

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Start-up Summary

The business will be fully funded with a CAPEX requirement of £18.3m this will include the total capital costs of £15.3m leaving £3m as working capital.

Financial Summary

Eco Equity will fund its start-up costs largely through privately held investment.

Direct and indirect social impacts after the first year of operations, it is expected that Eco Equity will be able to trim expenses through realising business efficiencies, gaining operational experience and industry knowledge. “Company will create more than 300 new jobs in the country with over £1 million salaries, millions in Social Security taxes… Medicare taxes and millions for Insurance each year”.

The Opportunity

Funding: Up to £15.3 million Pre-IPO, IPO or RTO Opportunity, Debt or Equity Participation

Project Expansion: Phase 2, increase production through expansion of the land area.

Partnership: Technical Partnership, Minority or Majority Project JV, direct Funding, Equity or Shareholding Partnership

Production: Long Term Sale, Distribution and Off-take Partnership or Agreement

Cost Leadership Advantage: All-In Production Cost below $0.50 per gram

First Mover Advantage: First mover advantage in African Medicinal Cannabis

Eco Equity

Acquired licenses to supply the global demand of an effective form of medicinal cannabis to the pharmaceutical industry.

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